VIDEOGAMES FOR ASPIRING GUITARISTS | If you read my earlier entry about Rocksmith, you'll know that it's kind of a Guitar Hero / Rock Band type videogame that takes things a bit more seriously, as it requires a real guitar and actually teaches you to play the actual songs in real life. Seen below is professional guitarist Paul Riario of Guitar World - a magazine as well as web resource for guitarist all over the world - getting his first impressions of the game.

Guitar World Plays Rocksmith - Part 1

The game even helps you tune and get in position, thus requiring no previous experience from the player, meaning that you can basically just go out and buy your first guitar along with the game and begin learning to play right out of the box.

Guitar World Plays Rocksmith - Part 2

As Paul explains here, Rocksmith also adjust itself to how well you deal with the notes and chords it throws at you, gradually making the playing increasingly more advanced as your playing gets tighter and more accurate.

For geetar freaks like myself, who's seen Paul reviewing guitar gear while shredding like an effing GOD, this is somewhat ironic to watch, to say the least. Would be interesting to see how this story develops further on!

My impressions of the game so far...

Rocksmith - "authentic
guitar games" -
Xbox 360 box art
Not bad, Ubisoft, not bad at all! As an ever learning guitar player, I find this title highly appealing. A very nice initiative that -depending how well the game actually works- may prove extremely helpful for struggling beginners as well as more experienced players, looking for some new songs to give a shot, or just to show off for a bit, after bitten the grass against their gamer friends in less realistic rhythm videogames, like Guitar Hero.

I also find the idea of the game adjusting its difficulty level to the player an excellent idea, making it fun to play regardless of how well developed your playing is, and (hopefully) remaining just challenging enough to make it a satisfactory and rewarding experience. What guitar teachers recommend, usually, is to take your time and master the basic techniques and chords at a slow tempo, to then gradually pick up the pace as you make progress.

Similarly, this game's way of simplifying songs seems very helpful and rewarding as well. This way anyone who just picked up the guitar, will still be able to feel like they can play along the to cool thrashers, rather than sitting around plucking Mary had a Little Lamb, over and over and over, all day long...

Let's all hope for a new rock n' roll revolution evolve from out of all Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 owners' living rooms when Rocksmith hits the shops next week - on October 18th (2011)!

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