Microsoft Office for €20 - too good to be true?

RANT No replaceable battery? No storage expansion? No headphone jack? Only marginal performance boost? Why do people still bother upgrading their smartphones?

So you just wiped your entire hard drive by mistake? Then you're in my position exactly! But don't fret, here's a quick and easy way to get your partitions up and running in no time!

Play MKV on your Blu-ray player without issues (products shown here only for demonstrative purposes)
TUTORIAL Issues playing your MKV videos on your standalone media player or Blu-ray deck? Here's your fix!

TUTORIAL Having issues with audio stuttering, clicking and popping in and out using VLC Media Player? Here are some things to try before resorting to your trusty old tape deck.

GRUNDIG "No Noise" In-Ear headphones earphones review by JoTECH Guide
PORTABLE AUDIO Looking for a nice upgrade to your standard issue ear buds coming with your phone or mp3 player (are people still using those?) -- you should look a little further...

ANDROID TABLET If you're among the minority that don't feel the constant, compulsory urge to buy every overpriced product that has a name starting with a lowercase i, coming from a certain...well, fruity, American IT company, this might be a more cost-effective alternative. A powerful 7" Android tablet from Chinese ICOO.  Find out how it stacks up in this review!

Low impedance speakers need a powerful amp, making them a headache to match with a modern AV receiver. But wait! Do not throw them out the window just yet! Here are some of the best value surround sound receivers on the market today, that officially support 4 ohm speakers.

GUITAR EFFECTS Is this noise- and maintenance-free Korean whine box the new big way to add some baby-like vocals to your guitar tone, or should you hold on to your old Crybaby or Vox 847 wah?

Find out in this review!

PROMO GIRLS Merry Christmas, everyone! Just kidding, although our dear friends at DealExtreme - one of the best places to go for cheap electronics, USB gadgets and other various geeky fun - kept the X-mas spirit alive throughout the entirety of 2012. As far as I can tell anyway, flipping through their annual calendar of last year.

See the whole calendar below!