GAMING | This is pretty interesting. The next generation of music games in the veins of Guitar Hero and Rock Band uses real instruments as controllers. The first title to break this new ground is entitled Rocksmith, and it's made by well recognised studio Ubisoft.

Rocksmith (trailer)

I wonder where the difference to regular playing lies, though. Why not just play like ordinary?

Anyway, if this becomes a hit, music shops will rejoice! Just imagine them crowded with tons of angry videogame nerds head to head with genuine guitar buffs, fighting over the precious instruments!

Although it will certainly become a wake up call to some plastic guitar players out there, who's been thinking that it's in any way similar to playing the real deal. Furthermore will this hopefully mean guitar players will finally get their revenge on their button mashing gamer friends, who's been constantly beating them in Guitar Hero for five years.

The game is set for release on the Xbox 360 as well as the PlayStation 3 platforms alike, hopefully later this year.