GAMING FICTOID | Jo's Tech Guide are happy to announce we have come by a few highly exclusive photos of Nintendo's new Wii 2 console, called Wii Stream!

Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance)
playing with his wii stream
FICTOID | Various different names for this highly anticipated upcoming videogame console have been circulating lately, apart from the initial suggestion Project Café. Being the second Wii installment, wii-wii was of course also an obvious candidate. Wii-wii stream has also been on the table, as a result of uninspired Nintendo executives spending way too much time at the [project] café sharing double espressos.

New wiimote with wii stream control

Nintendo break new ground in the point-and-shoot genre with their new build-in wii stream control, where you can actually see the what you hit directly on the TV screen. "It's sort of like 3D in that sense", says Nintendo of America's spokesperson Luce Bladder, as she demos the Wii Stream to Gerard Way, lead singer of emo group My Chemical Romance, who later performed at this  very privy event.

Exclusive first look: the new Wii stream logo

NintenKids - introducing a new genre of point-and-squirt games

Nintendo have high hopes of adding this wii stream technology to their current line of Nintendogs type games, which have thus far only been available for their handheld Nintendo DS consoles. "We have, for instance a new game called NintenKids coming out, which begins by simulating baby activities such as potty training," Luce Bladder of NoA explains. - "Then, as you level up your character and the game unfolds, you get to do other things, like squirting on rivalling kids in order to gain street cred and acceptance among gangs and stuff. Very exciting game!"

Nintendo thereby introduce an entirely new genre of games they like to call point-and-splash games.

4 different colours!

Wii Stream will hopefully be in stores on the Q3 as of next year, bundled with TV screen protectors in four different colours; mustard, amber, gold and lemon.

 DISCLAIMER: This article may include a splash of irony and fiction

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