CONSOLE GAMING | What's been rumoured regarding future Sony PlayStation incarnations since way back in 2007, does now appear to finally happen...

Wii Stream?

On a side note, Nintendo has announced their Wii successor for a release as next year! What's previously been known as Project Café, has now been replaced by the name Stream which also seems to be the one Nintendo finally settled with. Unless their high expectations and pressure don't ultimately make them feel a strong urge to instead release a warm wii stream, on a whim...
The upcoming Stream console, set for release as early as in April of 2012, which is ready to finally take Nintendo gamers into HD, is also stated to overpower both the Xbox 360 and the PS3, regarding the sheer processing power of its hardware.

PlayStation 3.5 - slim goes beefy again

Sony's patented external processing
unit marked by the dotted area.
Not long after this announcement from Nintendo, further and more specific rumours surfaced regarding Sony's new version in their line of PlayStation consoles. Reportedly Sony has put their plans of an entirely redesigned platform (ie: the presumed PlayStation 4) on hiatus to instead focus on rejuvenating their existing PS3's simply through equipping them with beefier hardware under the "grill". Whilst Sony (nor George Foreman ;)) are still to make an official statement about the new, beefed-up PS3 console (which tends to be referred to as the PlayStation 3.5), patents sought by Sony indicate that an external processing unit for the PS3 is indeed a reality.

Sony once again make it perfectly clear that they are not settling as the runner-up when it comes to technology. Maybe, however, they should have learned from Sega, back in the 90's. Anybody remembering Sega CD and 32X?
Any bells ringing? Anyone?

George Foreman grillPS3 grill

New Xbox 360 - Xbox 720

What's even more remarkable than Sony's plans for expensive addons, however, is the silence regarding Microsoft's presumed Xbox 360 successor. As the first one being released in this generation of consoles way back in 2005, they certainly outght to give us some actual specs and a date pretty darn soon.

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