SONY SOUND FORGE TUTORIAL | The layout of Sound Forge is much the same as most other audio editing softwares available, including a spectogram of the piece audio of you're currently working with, along with a whole bunch of effects, adjustments and tweaks that can be applied through menu options within the program GUI.

Effect chaining - layered editing

A neat thing with Sound Forge is however, a little thing called "effect chain". Effect chaining implies chaining multiple effects of choice after each other, in order to achieve the particular sound you're looking for. And the best part is that the effects are applied in real-time "on top of" your initial audio, which is thus left intact. As you don't apply the changes directly to your audio tracks, you are able to tweak and adjust as much as you want, as you can always discard any adjustment you weren't fully satisfied with.

A Photoshop for audio editors

If you've ever worked video editing in Sony Vegas or similar, it's much like effects are applied in those softwares. Or, if you will, like layers work in any modern image editing program such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro as well as design softwares like Illustrator and InDesign!

In my next entry I will go hands-on and describe how to work with effect chains!

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Stay tuned, people! ;^)