PROMO GIRLS Merry Christmas, everyone! Just kidding, although our dear friends at DealExtreme - one of the best places to go for cheap electronics, USB gadgets and other various geeky fun - kept the X-mas spirit alive throughout the entirety of 2012. As far as I can tell anyway, flipping through their annual calendar of last year.

See the whole calendar below!

Photogenic staffers

The company DealExtreme (DX for short) - based in Shenzhen, China - has a bit of a tradition going, where they release their own calendar towards the end of each year, coinciding strikingly well with the Christmas shopping. Rather than just having some USB cable or memory card (or something else they sell) featured on the fold-outs for every month, they take the opportunity to show off the female flair amongst their staff.

Not a lot of these in the DX calendars.
The marketing department are obviously clever enough to know their audience consists mostly of male tech dweebs between, say 15 and 50, which of course makes it a brilliant marketing stunt getting some further use of the many fair ladies that happen to already work at DX in the first place. I guess that also explains why there's no buff, sweaty 300 pound truckers represented. If that sounds like sexism to you, you haven't seen this year's calendar!

While the 2012 calendar was pretty harmless and innocent, as you can tell below, the 2013 edition is actually a lot more... hmmm... elaborate, I'd dare to say. Will post the 2013 DX Calendar as well, so stay tuned for that, if you missed the opportunity of snagging a copy yourself! Until then, get back into Santa mode feasting your eyes on last year's edition!

2012 DX Calendar