Anyone taking a stroll down memory lane to check out their old Myspace account they created some ten years ago, are in for a shock...

Virtual Stupidity So, they decided to blank their entire system after how long - 10, 15 years? That's a significantly dumb move even for Myspace. If they still had ANY active members on the site earlier, they'll definitely lose them now (me included).

The tiny link that takes you back to "old" Myspace
...for now.
However, you can still go back to the "old Myspace", by clicking a tiny link at the top of the "new Myspace" page. This takes you back to your old account, with you old contacts still there.

But who knows how long this will be available? Just think of all those poor, hard-working musicians, and other professionals who's spent countless hours, days, months - years of their lives, sharing content, building a reputation online, and keeping in touch with their fans all over the world. Now that's all wiped - GONE, just like that. Not to mention regular Johns, making friends, meeting new people. Now they're gone too! And for what? Just to give the website a fresh start? Getting rid of all their users, along with their respective content and connenctions to one another is nothing but doo-daa-dumb, and completely uncalled for.

Just imagine Facebook deleting everyone's content, to start over from scratch. Would be an OUTRAGE!

You kinda get the impression Myspace don't even want anyone to use their site, don't you? And why should anyone, to begin with? They clearly don't give a rat's arse about their users, so why should we give a damn about them? Sure it's their site, and they can do as they please with it, but such "wild west" behaviour on the Internet is so very 1995. A website that's been around for a decade (since 2003), gaining millions of users worldwide, can't just wipe their database in a whim. There's just no rhyme nor reason.

This isn't 1993, where a couple of hundred users could be affected - it's 2013, for fuke's sake. And they clearly can't keep up with the competition... but I'm sure you figured that out many years ago already.

I fear (well, not really..) this could be the definite end of Myspace as we know it.