ELECTRONICS If you've been looking towards a new TV or computer monitor recently, you might have come across the term LED Plus, wondering what the heck that is, and if it's anything worth spending some extra dough on.

Well, is it? - Find out in this entry!

LG's new invention

LED Plus (LED+) is a proprietary technology by LG that provides greater control of brightness through local dimming to deliver amazing clarity and colour detail, as well as a more energy efficient TV compared to conventional LED TV's. It can therefore be considered a natural progression towards the "Organic" LED's, or OLED/AMOLED in TV's, where each individual pixel has its own diode that can be dimmed and lit accordingly.

Although we're not there yet with the LED Plus technology, it is indeed an important step in the right direction, with the added control over local dimming levels on the screen. As an intermediate technology, the LED Plus TV's are generally more energy efficient and deliver improved dynamic contrast, compared to the standard LED and LCD TV's and monitors that are publicly available on the market today.

So, bottom line, if you're looking to buy a new monitor today and you happen to find an LED Plus flat screen that you fancy, and is reasonably priced, it might be a good deal. It's not the optimal technology as we know it, but as the OLED's don't seem to become available in larger sizes within the nearest future, LED Plus might be the next best thing!

I've had some bad experience with LG's myself, so I am extremely reluctant to buy another one unless it came with a solid pixel guarantee, however, but that's just me...

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