GUITAR SOFTWARE | Have you come across a .GPX file not knowing what to do with it? If you searched for music tablature online, this is most likely a Guitar Pro 6 file. This is an entirely new file format introduced in the aforementioned version, meaning that no previous versions of Guitar Pro, nor the current version of Tux Guitar (by the time being 1.2) are able to read these. But luckily, you don't need to buy new software just yet, as there is a nice and easy workaround... - the Universal tablature reader

Tab-Exporter loaded with a Guitar Pro 6 tab (.GPX)
Tab-Exporter is a web based tool in which you can open and view any tab file which is in any of these formats:

Guitar Pro (.GPX/.GP5/.GP4/.GP3)
PowerTab (.PTB)
TuxGuitar (.TG)
TablEdit (.TEF)

You then have the option to export the tablature into your format of choice, including:
Guitar Pro 5 (.gp5), MIDI (.mid), a raw text file (.txt), or Lilypond (.ly)

Great little universal tabs tool, which is also very useful if you want to share a specific tablature on a website or with a tabbing software-less friend, by simply extracting it into regular text (.txt file) which you can easily copy and paste in anywhere!

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