WRIST WATCHES | As my old leather "broadband" watch is getting a bit grimy from its ~3 years of daily wear, I've been starting to peek at a replacement. Now that the battery is drained as well, I'd suppose it's about time I finally settled for a new timepiece. Not an easy choice, however, with more neat looking models than ever, being available on today's market.

Below are some of my favourite fashion watches at the moment. They all retail in the relatively affordable price segment of 1000~1500 SEK or less on the Swedish market - which could roughly be converted to $150~235, alternatively £100~150.

Lambretta watches

Left to right: Lambretta "Monza", "Riot", followed by "Jet Analog"

Apart from classy as well as classic, race cars, the brand name "Lambretta" also has a strong connection to 90's pop culture. Especially for me, being a Swede, as a band called Lambretta were one of the most recognised guitar driven pop bands in Sweden, back in the late 90's, up to mid 00's.

Take a look at the model in the middle especially, called "Riot", with its typical red/white/blue bullseye - so typical of 90's pop culture it might as well have "1997" written all over it. And I sure like it!

Puma watches

Left to right: Puma Cardiac II (black/silver version), and Puma Target (red + black versions)

Puma can't only make you a decent pair of sweat pants, but can come up with some really slick and cool looking timepieces as well. Although their line of watches are -for the most part- targeted towards athletes and other hearties and gym goers, it doesn't mean their timepieces all look like plastic-y, cheap stopwatches. On the contrary; the Target model, for instance, actually looks really nice and classy. The leftmost of the two also has a really nice colour palette, mixing black and silver with a bit of red ornament to give some extra flavour to it. To strip it down further, and thus making it look even tighter - the hands are simply replaced with white (or yellow) dots on the Target model. Quite clever, Puma!

Police watches

If there's one manufacturer that's made itself guilty of churning out more than a handful of edgy, yet sleek and classy eye magnets on the market in modern time, it would be Police.

Top row: Police Sphere (brass, blue, grey versions)
Middle row: Police Rhyno (brown and black versions), and Police Prowler
Bottom row: Police Lucid, Kerosine, and Vantage

Out of the Police line, I appreciate the Rhyno models (2 leftmost of the middle row) especially - successfully combining a rough, ballsy look while still retaining a very stylish and tasteful appearance. Vantage (at the bottom right) also has a very nice sleek look from its long, streamlined, slick case. Very up to date and eye pleasing.

Quicksilver watches

Left to right: Quicksilver Rubix, Foxhound, and Checkmate Wide

More of the stripped down, silvery style of watches are to be found in Quicksilver's product line. Not sure where the name Foxhound comes from, however... The watch itself looks more like "Alien" type sci-fi flick aesthetics if you ask me.

Axcent watches

Axcent - The Rock

This watch from Axcent goes by the name The Rock. - Rightfully so; this piece just breaths Rock 'N Roll, with its massively broad leather wristband with metal studs. Apart from the just mentioned metal studs and the double binding, it is actually quite similar to my old brown Memphis watch. I personally prefer this model in brown as well. Creates a very pleasant contrast to the brushed steel casing around the clock itself.


Alright, so these were the models that caught my eyes at a first glance. And yet I've only scratched the surface. It was that much easier before the Interwebz came, giving you so many choices and possibilities, wasn't it? ;^)