Hello there, folks! I finally decided on getting a Sony PSP, which showed up in the mail last week. And not before long, figured I needed some storage for it! Much like any of Sony's portable devices, the Playstation Portable uses the Memory Stick PRO Duo™ format. So got this little 4GB memory stick yesterday, while waiting for my 16+16 GB storage solution I ordered from Asia, using DUAL, yes DUAL Micro-SDHC cards! More on that later below.

PSP storage solution #1: A regular Memory Stick PRO Duo™

This Memory Stick I got here is the Mark 2 version which is quicker than the regular ones. It also has Magic Gate™ support, meaning that it can be both written and read simultaneously, or in "full duplex", if you will. I popped it into my PSP and it worked right out of the box, didn't even need a (re-)format!

The disadvantage of the Memory Sticks, however, is that it is, and has always been Sony's own, proprietary format, meaning that your options on devices you can have use of the format is pretty much limited to Sony products. Furthermore, they're also more expensive than your regular SD(HC)'s and Micro-SD(HC) cards.

Price of 32GB worth of storage: $104~134 (source: Amazon.com) or £77~95 (Amazon.co.uk)

PSP storage solution #2: TWO Micro-SD(HC) cards

Now we're talking! Here's a cheaper, more flexible way of getting a
  32GB Memory Stick! These Micro-SD to Memory Stick adapters can hold either one or two Micro SD / Micro-SDHC cards of any size up to 16GB each, which means you can get up to a 32GB without spending $150 on a Memory Stick!

And yes, it's fully compatible with Sony PSP!

Price of 32GB worth of storage: ~$56 or ~£34.50
(Referring to current price on
DealExtreme.com; 2 x $26.99 + $2.21)

Bottom line

The Micro-SD adapter seems like a very nice, and cost-effective choice indeed, especially if you already have a bunch of deviced such as digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones etc. that use the Micro-SD format as well. That way you could still find use for your memory cards even if you should sell/trade/break or just get tired of playing with your PSP.

A Memory Stick, on the other hand, you might only be able to use with one or two gadgets to begin with, as pretty much only Sony themselves use the MS format, as it to be considered their own. If you decide on getting a real Memory Stick PRO Duo™ however, you might experience slightly faster read/write speeds, due to its Magic Gate™ features. However, PSP players that have used the Micro-SD adapter haven't experienced any noticeable difference to the real thing.

I will let you know how much the two formats differ myself, when the Memory Stick adapter plus two fresh 16GB Micro-SDHC's arrive in the mail!