Alrighty, so Microsoft has now released their first service pack for their latest operating system; Windows 7. I installed it on one of my systems just a moment ago, and this is what happened:

Windows 7 SP1

This is right after the initial reboot, after the installation within Windows Update is finished. Pardon that it's in Swedish, but the error message reads:

An error C000009A occurred while updating 120783 of 268078 (\Regi...)

By this time the computer had completely frozen. After a force reboot, the only solution suggested and offered by the system is a system restore. Just brilliant, Microsoft!

Windows 7 SP1

The new Service Pack 1™ for the Windows 7™ operating system - offers many changes to the GUI with a striking retro feel to it...

My other PC (the one I'm currently on) is now also installing this lovely system update...

Should I pull the plug?

Added 2011-02-24 04:08 CET:

Not an isolated event - The Windows 7 SP1 update broke the other system as well!

System restore successfully restored the first system to its state prior to the SP1 update.

The second system has now also run through the SP1 installation, and rebooted to configure the service pack update. And yet again this fails, apparently while updating the system registry inside Windows.

Windows 7 SP1

The same error code (C000009A) shows up, only with the difference being that the error now instead affects updating "106703 of 253782", as it says on the screen right now.

So, this obviously wasn't one isolated mishap, but an actual error in the Service Pack 1 update itself. So, if you want to play safe, you best avoid it until further notice! Hopefully there will be a proper service pack available from Windows Update shortly.

~the Jo

Side note: this text refers to the 64 bit version of Windows 7 SP1, I have no x86/32 bit installations to test this on.