Are you having certain content or websites blocked in your country? Or do you just want to browse the web anonymously, without being spied on? - Then here's something for you!

There's this free piece of software called UltraSurf, which essentially lets you access the Internet via US based proxy servers. The completely portable, install-free application thereby helps you bypass censorship and other regional restrictions of the Internet. The programme also masks your IP address (by replacing it with a new public IP), hence making you completely anonymous on the web.

Watch it in action right below:

Just started using it myself, and unlike what the video above may lead you to believe, it seems to be doing its job even with browsers other than Internet Explorer, such as Firefox and my personal fave; Google Chrome.

Download UltraSurf (official host)

How to use UltraSurf

To assure that the software works for you, I'd suggest checking your IP address before starting the application. There's a whole bunch of sites offering you this information, such as:

Follow any of the above links, and copy/paste the IP address stated on any of the sites above, in to a text document. Keep the browser window open and start the UltraSurf programme. As it immediately starts connecting to a proxy server, you'll soon notice a golden lock icon appear at the bottom right corner of the screen. That means you're safe and should be ready to go.

To check that the anonymisation has come to effect, head back to your browser window and refresh the webpage. Hopefully the IP address you'll now see is changed since your last visit. (Otherwise you might want to check your settings, and/or try connecting to a different server. There's three to choose from, as you can see in the main interface of the software.)

Congratulations, you now have full access to the web without limitations based on where you live (unless you already live in the US, that is...).

Tip: Start UltraSurf with Windows

If you want UltraSurf to kick in automatically as you start the computer, all you have to do is drag the UltraSurf .exe file to the "Autostart" folder under your Start menu, while holding the [Alt] key.

UltraSurf does NOT replace your firewall or antivirus

Important to note, is that even with UltraSurf running, you'll still need a proper firewall and anti-virus to be somewhat safe from malicious code and other threats online. For that I can warmly recommend Avast! Free Antivirus, which has kept me clean for several years now. You can get a completely free license as well, as long as it's for personal use!

Good luck!