Howdy, folks! Are you as excited as me about the new generation of handheld gaming platforms that lie just around the corner?

Nintendo 3DS

As an old time Nintendo geek, I can't find words on how much I'm looking forward to the new true 3D portable console - the mighty 3DS! Seems really impressive and inventive as usual, when it comes to Nintendo. I was actually planning on picking one of these up this Friday, the 25th. However, I got the release date messed up, which is in fact the 25th of March!
It's been known for quite some time now, that the unit will be available in black, as well as some ocean blue type colour. A welcome surprise, to me anyhow, is a third version that's been revealed; RED! Damn sweet - one of those will soon have my name written on it, I tell you that much! (Well, maybe not physically written on it, but you get the idea...)

Nintendo 3DS, in "Aqua Blue", "Cosmo Black", and my favourite; "Damn schweet RED"!!

Sony NGP (previously known as the PSP2)

Also quite interesting, is the announced PSP successor from Sony, called NGP. As usual, Sony seems to be focusing on hardcore tech specs rather than inventing new means of improving the gameplay. No ground breaking 3D offered here. Instead they decide to amp up current technology. Aside from the usual upgrades in terms of beefier processing power, the NGP is employing dual touch screens; one on the front, and one at the back. The back panel is not a display, however, merely a touch plate used for controlling the device. The console will also have dual analogue sticks. The games will be distributed on a proprietary cartridge based system.

NGP - Sony's upcoming portable tech beast

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Read more on my thoughts on Sony's current handheld in my next post, as I just purchased one! ;^)
~the Jo